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True Jew Israelite Face Mask

True Jew Israelite Face Mask

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๐Ÿ‘‘ Turn heads with this face mask. These 100% polyester exterior and 100% cotton interior face masks provide a physical barrier around the face. They, however, are not medical-grade and not meant for medical use. Great for everyday use for overall protection.

.: 100% Polyester exterior
.: 100% Cotton interior
.: Two layers of cloth
.: Elastic earloops
.: One size

If you want a custom-made mask with a different saying then just message me and I'll see what we can do!

Please wait until after the Sabbath/High Holy Days to make your purchase!

This shop operates on the TRUE Biblical calendar, not the Roman one, which means we observe a weekly Shabbat, the New Month (NOT the New Moon) and all other Holy days, Feast days, and Mandatory Fasting Days. The Sabbath is from 11 am CST Friday to 11 am CST Saturday as we operate on Jerusalem time as instructed in Deuteronomy 12:10-14 and II Chronicles 6:36-42.

We do not use the Gregorian Calendar or the IUIC or any other Israelite camp calendar as none of these are the true Biblical calendars. If you need a TRUE Biblical Hebrew calendar then message us and we will be glad to provide you with the information. This will allow everyone to be on the same page with their purchase and expectations.

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