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Blessed Beard Israelite Premium Beard Oil

Blessed Beard Israelite Premium Beard Oil

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We know just how serious our Kings take their beards! It's a part of the Israelite lifestyle!!! So we made a quality beard oil fit just for Kings!!!

NO common and BASIC ingredients here! This blessed beard oil has 12 exotic and extremely moisturizing and conditioning premium oils that promote beard hair moisture, conditioning, and growth and a heavenly essential oil blend crafted just for a king.

Seal your Kingly beard with moisture by purchasing this extremely nourishing vegan beard oil. We know you will love it as much as we do! All of our ingredients are carefully picked to ensure maximum benefits, potency, and effectiveness of our products; and, our products are handmade with only the best natural, organic and vegan ingredients especially for you 💙

These make great gifts and wedding favors also!

A lightweight, beard oil that provides:
- Moisture
-Beard Growth

+Beard Conditioning
+Soft Beard
+Beard Growth

[Ingredients**]: Black Seed Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Kuikui Nut Oil*, Seabuckthorn Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Argan Oil*, Apricot Oil*, Moringa Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Jamaican Black Castor Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Essential Oil Blend***
*Certified Organic Ingredients
**Product color derived from all natural and certified organic ingredients and may vary

Safe for use on children

Take just a couple of drops and spread through your hands and then evenly distrubute through the hairs of your freshly washed and damp, Kingly, beard.

2 oz or 4 oz

Shelf Life: One year

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We don’t recommend using this product if you are susceptible to nut allergies. If you have sensitive skin or allergies please read the ingredients carefully before use and be sure to test on a small skin patch before applying to larger areas of the body to make see if a reaction will occur. Please discontinue use immediately if any irritation or discomforting redness occurs.

Some essential oils should not be used on pregnant women, children, or people who have certain health issues so please review the ingredients and consult with your doctor to confirm that they are okay to use before using.

These above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any disease. It should not be used as an alternative to seeking treatment and/or going to the doctor.

This oil is handmade with love in a sanitized, clean, pet-free, and smoke-free environment. We do not test on animals or support it so our ingredients are cruelty-free as well. All of our products are first tested on myself, family, and friends instead. 😊

This product is for external use only. Please avoid direct eye contact when using.

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